Music Together® is a fun-filled class in which children develop a basic music competency. In a 45-minute weekly class, a parent-child musical experience creates the foundation in which young children can thrive. Through music, Twelve children ages birth to four learn basic motor skills, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, the basic beat and how to sing in tune.

With the guidance of a trained Music Together teacher, parents and caregivers will see their children develop these skills. Once a child reaches basic music competency, they are ready to begin private lessons at a young age. Instrumental teachers love Music Together graduates. They claim these children are “easy to teach”!

Research shows babies and toddlers who are exposed to music have a 15-40% increase in the size of the cortex in the brain. The Music Together method, just like the Suzuki method is based on the idea that all babies are born with musical talent. With exposure to music at a young age, that talent will blossom and last a lifetime. See what a typical Music Together Class looks like in this YouTube Video.

Children Learn at Music Together.

In the class, children learn just as they learn to speak, by watching and listening to their adult role models. We create a positive learning environment with familiar faces so they not only learn musical skills, but love learning them!

Let Music Together help you make music an exciting part of your child’s life!

Children ages birth to four and their parents or caregivers meet for forty-five minutes each week to experience new songs, chants, movement activities, and instrumental jam sessions. Both adults and children sit in a circle and participate. Children create and play — making up rhythm patterns, or new words to songs, or movements to express a sound. Your child, too, can be among the young people who love music-making!