Alexandra Fischer


Alexandra Fischer is the Director of the Music TogetherĀ® Program in Longmont. She is the product of three generations of music teachers. Her passion for teaching music has defined her life in the community and the direction of her family.

Alexandra (Xan) discovered Music Together after her twins were born in 1995. Joey and Izzy Fischer started Music Together with their grandmother, Jo Simons who teaches Music Together classes in Madison, Wisconsin. From an early age, Xan exposed her children to music and made the Music Together collections a part of her children’s daily lives.

As a Music Together parent, Xan took all three kids to class including Baby Jesse (born 1998). The Fischer children, Joey, Izzy, and Jesse graduated from the Music Together program and have since become accomplished passionate young musicians. With a sound musical foundation any child can thrive at any musical skill they pursue.

Below is a selection of videos of the Fischer children enjoying their music.

Izzy plays Equinox